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1. Why take out a subscription?

With a subscription you can look forward to receiving your magazine through your door every month, saving you the time and trouble of going to the shops to buy a copy. If you take advantage of one of our special discount offers a subscription will also save you money compared to the normal magazine cover price. Don't forget subscriptions also make a great gift (see Gift Subscriptions).

2. How will my subscription be confirmed?

You will receive an email confirmation of your order within 48 hours for personal subs, or a letter in the post for gift subscriptions a few days later.

3. When will the first issue of my subscription be dispatched?

After your order has been processed, your confirmation will be sent and this will include details about when your first magazine will be sent to you. It is usually within 4 weeks.

4. Do I have to sign for my magazine each time it is delivered?

No, your magazine will be sent through the normal post.

5. How do I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription online at any time. Simply visit click on the ‘Login’ or ‘My Account’ tab and enter your personal Web ID to login. Your Web ID will be confirmed in your order acknowledgement. You  will receive notification of the need to renew your subscription in enough time to ensure you don't miss any issues of your magazine, should you want to continue receiving it.

6. How do I notify you about a change of address?

Please visit click on the ‘Login’ or ‘My Account’ tab and enter your personal Web ID to login. Your Web ID will be confirmed in your order acknowledgement. Alternatively, you can send us an email at help@subscribe.gardendesignjournal.comor telephone us on 0330 333 0198.

7. Can I request a refund or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and we will refund you for all the issues that have been not mailed.

8. Gift subscriptions

A gift subscription to Garden Design Journal can make the perfect present. To give a subscription as a gift simply go to the offer page and click 'Gift Subscriptions'.

9. What is included in the price?

Prices displayed include all delivery costs. Any discounts to the normal issue cover price will also usually be explained.

10. Direct Debit

UK customers have the option to subscribe by Direct Debit. Depending on the offer, your payments will be spread into easy, manageable 3, 5 or 10 issue payments. As Direct Debit is a continuous payment method you are in complete control of your subscription as well as eliminating the need for renewal notices.

11. Is the online payment system secure?

Yes. We use SSL encryption software to keep the details of your order and credit/debit card information secure.

12. Can I order a subscription for delivery to an address outside the UK?

Yes. As the magazines are despatched from the UK, higher delivery costs will apply for delivery to addresses outside the UK. These will be displayed in the price summary once you have selected the country to which you want the magazines delivered. The prices displayed include delivery costs and taxes (where applicable).

13. What can I do if I do not receive an issue on time?

Please email our customer services team at or telephone us on 0330 333 0198.

If you have a question which has not been answered here, please use the details above to contact our customer services team or use the contact information in the 'Contact Us' page.